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Mixed Messages on LGBT Protections

NYC Guidelines Strengthen Transgender Protections in Employment; NC Law Eliminates Local LGBT Protections Altogether.  Confused, Anyone? I don’t envy employers these days. It ain’t easy staying on top of all of the federal, state, and local employment laws and regulations out there at the moment. And if you’re an employer with employees in multiple states across our great country, forget about it. (On second thought, don’t forget about it, just delegate figuring that mess out to your favorite employment lawyer.) Case-in-point, the many and varied laws out there regarding the protections afforded LGBT employees.

Body Modification – New, Protected Religious Practice?

Ever have a sales employee show up at work with a first-time facial piercing? Or, have a job applicant arrive at the interview sporting a hard-to-hide tattoo of some thing reveling in the black arts or an image of Beelzebub? The HR decision is easy, right? Send the pierced employee home with instructions not to wear the adornment at work, and tell the job applicant that the company will never hire someone bearing that ink. Ten or even five years ago, these employment actions might have been uncomplicated and legal. Perhaps no more. California’s passage of AB 1964, which added …


New California Employment Statutes for 2013

As we have reported every year, the California Legislature likes to create more procedural hurdles for, and more potential claims against, employers.  2013 will be no exception. AB 1396 & AB 2675 (Commission Agreements) AB 1396 requires all commission-based compensation be in writing.  And, it must specify how commissions will be calculated and paid, a copy must be given to the employee, and the employer must receive a signed receipt acknowledgement from the employee.  Also, the terms survive the agreement’s expiration and remain in effect unless the employee is no longer working under its terms or the commission agreement is superseded. …


California Anti-Religious Discrimination Laws Expanded

It wasn’t a surprise.  California is probably the most religiously diverse, pro-employee state in the U.S.  The issue of wearing religious garb at work had been festering for some time.  Perhaps the most publicized example was of a Muslim female employee claiming that Disneyland had illegally refused to accommodate her request to wear her religious head scarf, or hijab, while working as a restaurant hostess.  So, when California’s Governor, Jerry Brown, recently signed AB 1964 into law (effective January 1, 2013), adding religious clothing and grooming as protected religious practices, employers and employment lawyers were not completely caught off guard. …


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