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California Employee Termination – Getting It Right

Letting an employee go is never easy. No one wants to be the bearer of bad news, especially in California where employee terminations seem to frequently end in (or begin) claims or lawsuits alleging discrimination, harassment, or retaliation. Avoiding, or reducing, the risks of claims and suits requires preparation before, during (including the termination meeting), and after the employment. Preparation should start before the employment Be sure your company has written policies and procedures about handling employee complaints or concerns relating to discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. Have written discipline policies and evaluation processes to show that the company takes employee …


Are You Hiring Litigation?

Understanding and Managing a New Hire’s Contractual Obligations To a Prior Employer Prudent employers take steps to ensure that their employees do not disclose their confidential information and, in appropriate circumstances, contractually restrict them from soliciting their customers and employees after leaving employment.  But what about the contractual restrictions that new employees may have to their former employers?  The time to find out about non-compete, non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreements is during the hiring process.  Overlooking this key step in hiring due diligence can have dire consequences.  The new employer may be sued for damages by the former employer for interfering …


An Employer’s Checklist to Workers’ Comp Claims

How well an employer handles workplace injuries is important to getting injured workers the care they need and expect while minimizing the cost of claims.  Although each situation is unique, an employer should generally take the following steps upon receiving notice that an employee has been injured on the job or sustained an occupational disease: Provide the injured employee with any necessary emergency medical attention, which should include drug testing. Immediately after receiving notice of a work injury, furnish the injured employee with a panel of at least 3 physicians from which the employee may select an authorized treating physician. …