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One Racial Slur is One Too Many, Rules Third Circuit

Is a single racial slur by an employee’s supervisor enough to create a hostile work environment under § 1981 of the Civil Rights Act of 1866?  The answer is yes according to the Third Circuit Court of Appeal’s decision in Castleberry v. STI Group, No. 16-3131 (3d Cir. July 14, 2017). In Castleberry, two African American males were employed as general laborers.  They claimed that while working on a fence-removal project, their supervisor threatened to fire them if they “n[****]r-rigged” the fence.  The incident was confirmed by their coworkers and reported thereafter by the employees to a superior.  Two weeks …


Keeping Sexual Harassment Off the Menu

In popular portrayals of sexual harassment such as the hit TV series “Mad Men,” the perpetrators tend to be leering bosses. While sexual harassment certainly is a problem in corporate environments, the office might not always be the likeliest setting for this behavior. In fact, with their late hours, close quarters, free-flowing alcohol and mix of older patrons and younger staff, restaurants bring together a number of risk factors that arguably make the occurrence of sexual harassment more likely. This is an important consideration for independent restaurateurs and chains in the Northeast, where states such as Massachusetts have enacted stringent laws on …