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So You Think You’ve Got Independent Contractors? Well, Think Again

Virginia law requires most employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance in order to provide specific benefits to workers injured during the course of their work and to provide employers with protection from civil suits for those work-related injuries. Generally, an employer with more than three employees is required to carry workers’ compensation coverage. However, in the last decade especially, employers have more frequently misclassified employees as independent contractors in an effort to keep the number of employees below three and to avoid purchasing workers’ compensation coverage.

Employer Obligations After a Work Accident

Did you know an employer in Virginia has the duty to provide a panel of physicians to an injured employee? Surprisingly, many employers do not know of this requirement. The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act provides that employers shall provide injured employees with a panel of physicians from which to select a treating physician. A panel of physicians must be provided within a reasonable time after a work accident, otherwise the employee may seek treatment from a physician of his or her own choice. The appropriate time in which a panel may be furnished varies from case to case depending upon …


An Employer’s Checklist to Workers’ Comp Claims

How well an employer handles workplace injuries is important to getting injured workers the care they need and expect while minimizing the cost of claims.  Although each situation is unique, an employer should generally take the following steps upon receiving notice that an employee has been injured on the job or sustained an occupational disease: Provide the injured employee with any necessary emergency medical attention, which should include drug testing. Immediately after receiving notice of a work injury, furnish the injured employee with a panel of at least 3 physicians from which the employee may select an authorized treating physician. …