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Little Known Tactic for Creative Plaintiff Lawyers to Obtain Reinstatement

In Connecticut, and in most states, a terminated employee has a number of legal options, causes of action that can, in the end, result in reinstatement. The usual routes include a state or federal court lawsuit, alleging any number of types of discrimination, breach of contract, and multiple torts. Most claims of discrimination must first go through the state or federal administrative process to exhaust remedies, before suit can be filed in court. Initiation of a lawsuit is then followed by years of motion practice, discovery, court and other delays. Although the aggrieved former employee initially went to his or …


You Had A Settlement In Your Lawsuit, The Plaintiff Changed His Mind, So Now What?

You insure a large employer and have worked with in-house counsel and its outside lawyer for several years defending a contentious, emotional (aren’t they all?) employment lawsuit.  As trial draws near, say a few weeks before, everyone agrees to mediate with a private mediator who has a good reputation for settling employment cases. Everyone has set aside a full day for the mediation and it begins with the parties in separate conference rooms.  You and your defense team have evaluated the case and agreed on the defense position.  The mediator spends long periods of time with the plaintiff and his …