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Ms. Barringer is experienced in counseling and defending of corporations, individuals, manufacturers, health care providers, hospitals and insurers in all phases of civil litigation including employment law claims, professional liability matters, product liability, habitational liability and commercial disputes. She is actively involved in the defense and management of claims regionally and nationally for specialty insurance programs and self-insureds. Ms. Barringer has lectured on employment law about counseling of employers, and substantive and procedural law applicable at state and federal administrative agencies in discrimination, harassment and workplace tort claims.

Keeping Sexual Harassment Off the Menu

In popular portrayals of sexual harassment such as the hit TV series “Mad Men,” the perpetrators tend to be leering bosses. While sexual harassment certainly is a problem in corporate environments, the office might not always be the likeliest setting for this behavior. In fact, with their late hours, close quarters, free-flowing alcohol and mix of older patrons and younger staff, restaurants bring together a number of risk factors that arguably make the occurrence of sexual harassment more likely. This is an important consideration for independent restaurateurs and chains in the Northeast, where states such as Massachusetts have enacted stringent laws on …


Holiday Parties: Proceed With Caution

Because of the liability exposure inherent in holiday parties, many employers have decided to forego hosting such events.  For the employers who will host holiday events, the planning may have already started.  In either scenario, the time is right for employers to review their policies and practices to ensure protection from certain risks presented by employer-sponsored holiday parties. The following are recommendations to assist in careful planning and hosting of holiday parties: Employer’s Handbook – Review policies for employer‑sponsored social functions.  These policies should include harassment policies specifically addressing employer‑sponsored social events such as holiday parties.  Further, the employer should …